Hair Extensions: It is rightly said that if you take proper care of things, they will last for a longer time and the same goes with Hair Extensions. The lifespan of the extensions ranges between 6 months to a year or longer depends on the number of times they are worn and how much care they receive. We get tons of advice from our friends and family about how to protect Hair Extensions from early damage and increase their part in our life but before converting the advice into action, remember that the hair extensions don’t have a natural hydration source like the natural hair does.

Gemeria is a well-known company in the global market for providing the best kinds of Hair Extensions to customers. Our professionals believe that beautiful hair demands beautiful care. Therefore, you need to know how to take proper care of hair extensions to maintain their look and shine.

Follow the below tips to increase the lifespan of hair extensions:

  • Brushing Technique: Use a brush with a wide-tooth for wet hair and natural bristled one for dry hair. Make sure that you comb your hair extension from top to bottom and work carefully through the knots. Never brush the roots as this is where the extension will be bonded to your head. 
  • Washing Technique: Everyone washes their hair differently but when it comes to extensions, there is a new concept. When you massage the shampoo into your scalp, instead of rubbing it directly onto the extension attachment, smooth it over to avoid the creation of excessive friction on the extension bonds. Avoid styling or washing your hair for at least 48 hours after having new extensions fitted.
  • Drying: Make sure that the bonds of the extension are properly dried. Before blow-drying the hair, always use one setting lower than usual as higher heat settings will lead to the melting of extension bonds. You can also apply heat protection serum before blow-drying your hair.
  • Coloring: Hair extensions are already available in a number of shades and you can easily find one that matches the shade of your original hair. But if still, you want to color your extension then go to a professional to avoid a patchwork of color.
  • Removing: There are different kinds of DIY products available in the market that will help you to remove hair extensions but the same comes with the risk that you may break your natural hair or cause damage to the scalp. So, go to a hairdresser and remove them professionally. 
  • Night Care: Before going to bed, tie your hair back in a top knot or wind them into a plait to avoid their tangling and knotting and wake up with tangle-free hair that will make your morning face look more beautiful.
  • Hairspray: Hairspraying is fine as it keeps your hair intact the whole day but never forget to wash your extensions the next day.

Now, what are you waiting for? Memorize these tips on the tips of your fingers and increase the life of your hair extensions for a bit longer.

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